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Question from Pyrnassius

Hi Guys and welcome aboard, Mr Bistro. It will be interesting to have a PVMer point of view for the next 3 months. My question is about the the Arc miniquests this week. They are more like chapters of one bigger quest, similar to Recipe for Disaster, so do you feel they should be added to the Quest cape requirements? When added all together, these mini quests do add up to one reasonable sized quest. Love to hear your thought on the pros and cons of doing this.

Thanks in advance!


Question from Wolffi

Would you have designed the new Arc skills differently? If so, how would you have liked to see them instead?

Is there a skill you were hoping to be added to the Arc but wasn't introduced?

~ Wolffi

Question from Wiley

Hey guys, Wiley here. What is your go to insult and do you prefer harsh insults like you smell bad, confusing insults like I hope your son is missing a toe, or witty insults like you are a cabbage with no nutritional value? Thanks for the show.

Question from Cireon

This week saw the introduction of dungeoneering outfits. This has led to a bit of an outcry by a group of people. Of course it was inevitable that dungeoneering got its own skilling outfit, given Jagex's general strategy, but it does raise a few questions. Dungeoneering has always been a bit of a different skill, a minigame according to some. This means that it is also the only skill in which competition is really a thing, and in my personal experience becoming efficient at dungeons is part of the fun. For skillers, it is the only thing that comes close to something like boss timers. The new outfits give a damage boost and lets you skip an entire room per dungeon. Not having the full warped outfit is basically going to put you at a permanent disadvantage. Compare this to introducing a treasure hunter outfit that increases your damage by say 10% against a certain boss and imagine the outcry. Do you think introducing the dungeoneering outfits may have killed part of what was dungeoneering? The outfits have many - complicated - effects. While I understand not everybody likes dungeoneering, are this abundance and complexity really necessary, or would an experience boost have sufficed?



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