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Question from The RRMan

Hey Hey its The RRman,  and it's Q time.

So time for the standard question this time of year,  what are your dxp plans? I'm going to finally get the last few levels I need for 99 invent,  and get to taste that sweet sweet max cape, unfortunately for me it also doesnt have a headphone Jack.

Secondly you guys mentioned last week  a certain TV show wiki,  I to have admit I to have gotten lost in the lost wiki a few times myself.

So  I was wondering what are some crazy pages you have ended up on while surfing Wikipedia? We all know how it goes when you look up what's the Captial of Canada and after a dozen links end up on a page about the chenoble disaster



Question from Wiley

Hey guys, Wiley is back. Last week in the discussion about the "enhanced" perks it felt like you were looking at the idea of enhanced perks taking up two perk slots with too much weight. Efficient has validity in working with other perks based on its parts but devoted does not. If you are trying for level 3 (normal) devoted you would have to use five of the gwd1 gods components, only two of these offer other possible perks: zamorak offers impatient which may be vaguely useful, and bandos offers genocidal which, as Shane pointed out, people tend not to use protection prayers at slayer creatures, unless for some reason you're killing kk on a task? Maybe? So you don't really lose out on the extra perks. While on the topic, wouldn't it make more sense balancing wise for the enhanced perks to take up two gizmo slots instead of two perk slots? People usually focus in their perks to get the highest level they can. In terms of your job life, do you prefer easy monotonous jobs that don't pay the best like being a cabbage picker or more difficult stressful jobs that pay well like working as a cabbage botanist? Thanks for the show

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