The Rest of 2016


- Farming, Divination as main skills.

- More options for Thieving

- 5 Mini quests that tie into one another

- Bird watching

- Arc journal

- Halloween (Dimension of Disaster)


- Fate of the Gods 2 now named… Children of Mah

- Bank Bidders


- Sliske’s Endgame

- Christmas Event

Combat Council

- Recap of bosses released in 2016

- Kill timers highscores and seasons

- Address entry point of combat via lower level Slayer rework

- High level mobs rework: 2015 high level slayer creatures will be rebalanced to enable more "Netflix & Kill"

- Tier 99 is not the end of the combat tiers. Why was Telos gear at Tier 92? “NPC’s SUCK!” Players gear is far too powerful. The telos’ Problem. NPCs are going to level up in 2017. More gear will be usable by more players…

- Shattered Worlds: A growing challenge that is procedurally generated. It is continuous. A collection of mutators that influence the way the boss fight shakes out. Seasons with limited time cosmetic armour.

- New Slayer Dungeon: Reward chests in the centre of the dungeon. Get your rewards after the task is complete. The chest will be upgradeable based on how long you spend in the dungeon. Everything in the dungeon falls under one slayer task.

- New Solo Boss: More in 2017 Reveals

Clan Quest @ RuneFest

2017 Reveals: A vision that may just pan out, but it can change

- Bank Rework: Finally going to do a bank rework. More bank tabs, more presets, more sorting presets. Deeper customization including tab colourizations and tab names. Manipulate items like coal bags and beasts of burdens.

- Agility Rework:

- Weather system: shows off NXT and the players will have the ability to change the weather with specific dances and rituals

- Slayer to 120

- New Solo Boss: Solo challenges are enjoyed more than the group challenges. Enrage will also feature once again. An even greater challenge than Telos. The boss will be called “The Ambassador” related to Xautak.

- New Slayer Dungeon

- Player owned-Farm and Greenhouse

- Mysterious continent

- Clue scroll overhaul: New god bows, new third age gear. Foot prints that players leave behind you as you move about the world. Champions tier clue scrolls as well as skilling rewards. A race across the world that any can participate in and only one person gets the reward.

- Skilling pets (already in game): A few more including combat pets, clue scroll pets, mini game pets, etc. This results in the Combat Pets and Pet Park. Pets would be able to bring you happy things, not dead pigeons like Mark’s cat.

- Construction and POH Rework

- Skill specializations

Other 2017 Updates:

- Shattered worlds: discussed earlier

- Elder God Quest: What happens if Bik decides to wake up? Revert the damage the Elder Gods have done and perhaps find them a new home. Will Zaros survive the troubles at the end of Sliske’s Endgame?

- Mining and Smithing: Back to the drawing board. Take us through every step of the process for Plan B. A series of Dev blogs will arrive in October. The rework will be built together. Raising the profile of Mining and Smithing. Rune and Dragon will still be lowered. New materials, ore, armour, and weapons will still arrive.

- Evil Dave Quest: A chance for Dave to meet his idol: Zamorak. Strong characters and “weird” british humour.

- Achievements: bringing quests, skilling, combat, mini games, distractions and other achievements all together. Recommendations on what you should do when you log in.

The Big Change in 2017:

- Players want fully formed updates. Celebrate the release date. Players don’t want to be treated like beta testers.

- RuneScape Expansions: Elf city size updates.

- Bring surprise and discovery back to RuneScape. There will be parts of the expansions that are highlighted in videos and newsposts. But there will be some limited to discovery.

- Not how other games handle expansions in terms of release. RuneScape expansions come roughly every 3 months: summer, fall, and winter.

- Before June, everything that has been talked about prior to expansions.

- First expansion: The Golden City of Menaphos

—- Lush, oasis, trickling streams, and hanging gardens. All of the wealth of the desert has fallen into Menaphos. Hub city, alternative to Prifddinas, etc.

—- Far off explosion caused by Amascut that is frequent. The tomb of Menaphos, revealed by Amascut, creating a city wide pyramid plunder. Tomb is full of resources, skilling plots open up (agility and farming).

—- Menaphos is riskier than Prifddinas. If you understand what the game and know your skills you can get some of the best rewards.

—- Crondis Quest

—- Amascut’s personal Slayer dungeon. Slayer dungeon mentioned in the combat talk.

—- And one more thing… Slayer level cap will be increased to 120

What happens between expansions? The content is so huge that players should take a while to complete it. RuneScape is a living game and there will be content between expansions. There won’t be another Arc or GWD2 between expansions but you might get things like skilling events, area reworks, bottle quests, new clue scrolls, the beach, skill training methods, combat encounters, and tales.

Other Things

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