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Question from Col ton

Goooooooooood Evening, lovely hosties! Hope you all are well and safe and warm and cozy!

Question 1: What natural disaster is best? You may be as scientific or as unscientific as you desire to be!

Question 2: Outside of video games, do you have any other stereotypically "nerdy" hobbies you subscribe to? I, myself, enjoy a nice night of D&D or tabletop games with my  lose friends every once in a while!

Question 3: Lastly, where is your favorite place to shop for groceries? Is it a local business, or a larger chain? I'm eagerly awaiting your answers!



Question from Tyler

Hi guys! What dailies on RS do you feel are most important to do and why? Also, with the skilling pets out now, which one would you like to have most? I’m pretty fond of the design of the runecrafting dragon myself! Keep up the great work! Thanks, Tyler

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