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Question from Wiley

Yay for getting killed, right? Another combat update, right? Maybe that's wrong though, and a PvP/wilderness update like this is actually Jagex fighting to give skillers a way of competing with PvMers. What do you guys think of the notion that this update puts a risk on skillers who chose these methods and that this could possibly be a way of adding a "risk" to skilling that would allow a reward similar to PvMing? I personally think risking an inventory of cabbages is much worse then just being able to pay a small fee to reclaim your gear after screwing up at a boss. Thanks for your time, Wiley.

Confidential Feedback August 8th

Question from Trekkie

Since The Ports event is now over, we now have our own ship that we can travel to the ARc with.

Question is, a million years ago when we did dragon slayer we our own Lady Lumbridge ship that we crashed but when it magically came back to Ports, the NPC said it's a different ship.

Is the ship a way for us to have sailing without introducing sailing, as an easter egg, and will we ever get to sail on Lady Lumbridge again.

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