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Question from Pawel

1) How do you think that Jagex should introduce new people (and returning once) to the game? It feels like the game has a HUGE amount of content/quests etc, that I as a relatively new player don't understand, if feels like there is a tutorial, some beginner's quests and then you are thrown into a huge pool of XP/h GPM/H lamps/treasures/cosmetscape new updates which I have no clue what they are about even after reading about them on their homepage and so forth. Feels like there is A TON of content and guides online but most of them are quite outdated.

2) This question came to me when watching a youtube video, What do you think are the most borderline cheating methods of playing Runescape (for example ppl using real money to buy bonds and get ingame money, or FROM WHAT I HAVE HEARD abusing slayer etc)

3) Do you think that the game focuses too much on the fighting aspect of the game and too little on skilling (for example monsters from slayer drop stuff that render some skills useless)

Now, seeing there is alot of negativity in my mail doesnt mean that I think that the game is bad but that it leaves alot of room for improvement, personally I came back to the game because I think the new and reworked quests in Runescape are genuinly fun challenging rather than most of the Kill X comeback/ Get 20 Y and go talk to B-guy.

Thanks for the amazing podcast and whish you the best.

Discussion topic from The RRMan

I just wanna say that this mining and smithing rework sounds Great and its making me melt in excitement. However I am a bit Mithed TBH. This is Because Bar Invention, I am maxed!

I have a plan! The Option to reset your mining and smithing to 1. Im sure that it could be done, as there has been cases in the past where certain levels have been PICKed out and reset. Such as pure accounts a few years ago.

So If it was possible would you give your Levels the Shaft? Would you reset your Levels to 1 and Forge Ahead once again from the Bronze age?

Cheers The RRman

Question from Wiley

Hey guys, it's Wiley here with your weekly overdose of vitamin k (the leading vitamin in red cabbage). Last week when you guys examined the non combat skills in runescape it caused me to reflect on a few old concepts covered in past podcasts, particularly the content poll for the eastern lands. In it slayer was ranked highly and the pvm content lead ahead of the skilling content. But last November we received a major slayer content and people did not want the challenge; do you think that the general preference of pvm voters and touters in the past has been an ark-able money making method and that if there was an equivalent wealth creating method in the skilling environment the community's majority might not be solely combat focused? Lore wise, in Fate of The Gods/Within the light our great and fluffy empty lord Zaros stated that there were six elder gods, five of form and one of "something else", do you guys think that it is possible that the something else is "nutrients"? And lastly do any of you have a fear of any animals? I am personally scared bodily-fluid-less of chipmunks. Thank you for the show. If you need to save this for a week that you don't have too many questions you should do that. Make your lives a bit easier :)

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