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Question from Col ton

Hello, hosties! Colton again sending in my questions this week so here goes:

1. What are your thoughts on examine text? Should Jagex invest the time it takes for localization and all that junk to add in their quintessentially British Easter eggs, or is their time best spent elsewhere?

2. Please discuss how you feel about voice-acting and its exclusion from recent game content. One Piercing Note was a masterpiece, in my view, as well as Fate of the Gods. Why completely abandon the concept?

3. Lastly, describe the most recent time when you feared for your life. How long did the panic last?

Hope that wasn't too macabre! Much love to you all!


Question from Wiley

Hey guys, do you set any strange goals for yourself in runescape or in real life? Things like collecting Kq heads or 1 million cabbages like me ;) Thanks, Wiley

Question from Earth

Dearest Shane, Tyler, and Mr. Bistro,

What kind of monitors do you have? I recently purchased 3 Dell IPS displays on Prime Day, and they are lovely

What is your average daily sodium intake?

What is your opinion of Team Valor in Pokémon Go?

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