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Question from Wiley

Hey guys, Wiley again. How do you guys feel about shieldbows, the two handed ranged defenders? Do you think the offer a meaningful difference in combat or do you think that having a weapon gizmo and an armor gizmo with the Brassican perk won't stack even though they are different gizmo types? Thanks for your time.

Discussion Topic from Pyrnassius

Hi hosts.

This week, instead of a question, I have a discussion topic for you. We have seen a plethora of combat updates recently, culminating with Telos being released at the end of June. Since the EoC was released in 2012, Jagex have really focused on keeping their pvm community happy, while seeming to neglect the skillers in game. There was a time when combat players sought out smithers to make their rune swords and platebodies and the like, but now skilling seems to be a function of getting the max cape and not much else. Therefore, I put this question to the team: Is it time for the Evolution of Skilling to take place?

Can't wait to hear your thoughts.



Pyrn’s Thoughts on the Mining & Smithing Rework

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