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Question from Thieves

Hey guys -- Long time no question, but here we go:

I'm pretty excited about the looming Skill Pet update, so,

1. Which skill-related pet would you like to obtain first?

2. What animal/creature/being would you like it to be (No Vulcan Bobble-head's allowed Shane)?

3. If they weren't just cosmetic, what ability would you like them to have?

Non-RS related, but who (if anyone) are you root        ing for in the Football Euro '16? C'MON WALES (aka Tirannwn)!

Cheers fellas,


Question from The RRMan

Hey I'm back.

Question for this week, I need a new graphics card, should I wait for the new gtx 1070 to drop in price, wait for the 1060 or try something new and get amd card? The 480 looks good.

Also last week one of my favourite shows ended, person of interest. A fantastic show which dealt with a post 9/11 world with all the nsa and surveillance stuff. Not only do I think Shane should give it it a go, I think everyone should. if only for the fact that it's last episode was the best series wrap up Iv ever seen. To many shows these days are canceled with out proper ends.


The RRman

Question from Wiley

Hey guys, Wiley here. Do you think Runescape will ever move away from the grid system and the tick system currently in place and become a free location free speed mmo like other common games where you can auto as fast as you click or the animation can happen, chug a variety of potions or eat an inventory of cabbages between abilities and attacks? Thanks for your time

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