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Question from The RRMan

Hey Hey it's The RRman here, with a couple of corrections to last weeks show.

First off how could you miss out on the ps4 game of the show, a crash bandicoot remake collection! I'm so excited for this, and now I'll have to buy a

PS4. just don't tell Pyrnassius because he will Remind me that bandicoots are from his country and I'll never hear the end of it!

Secondly another reason people don't like to update their iOS versions is they break/slowdown older deceives. I should have learnt but I updated my iPod touch to version 9 and now it's a slow and laggy pieces of crap, and they don't make it easy to go back, bloody Apple.

But for a real question, I noticed how you guys mentioned that these .5 gaming consoles are going to be like phones now where u upgrade them every couple of years.  Do you think it's a good idea for the console makers to Start doing this? Because in my opinion people buy a console cuz it's easy and they can use it for many years. It's it getting to close to a pc at this point? I personally think this will backfire.

Peace out


Question from Wiley

Do you guys think we'll ever see updates to miscelania or do you think ports is the new investment "mini game" in the way player owned kingdoms was? They could combine kingdoms and temple trekking into a new managing system where you send adventurers out to various bosses to possibly make you more money; or they could even open the resources up to a wider range such as oak-yew or allow us to farm cabbages. Just interested in your thoughts on player-owned-kingdoms. Thanks, Wiley.

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