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Question from Wiley

Hey guys, Wiley time. With augmentable defenders coming out on Monday, already out by the time of the podcast, what do you think the ideal perks for them will be, armor perks or weapon perks. I personally the Brassican perk is best for them. Also, in regards to Kindred Spirits, is it possible that the mysterious figure Sliske was talking to was the sea creature from the book we found? Doesn't seem like Zaros' style to use someone he excommunicated. Thank you for the show.

Question from Ty ler

Hi all, what's your favorite class that you took at any level of education? Also, what's your favorite Shane-ism (Shane can help if you're confused what a shaneism is, Dave)? Keep up the great work, Tyler

Question from Col ton

Happy Birthday, RSBandB!! You all reach 11 as I become a 10-year veteran! What a wondrous time ;)

Now, for questions! First off, I've just been married, if you all weren't aware! My lovely wife, however, is not a Scaper. Given the knowledge that she is neither a Scaper, nor an avid video game player, how can I get her to join us in our collective addiction??

Second, what do you guys think is the future of PVM? By this I mean that it seems like we constantly get boss after boss released, always dropping "new" gear and offering a "new" challenge. However, this just constant cycle results in countless bosses once seen as challenging becoming dead, their gear having been farmed to hell and profit margins being minimal at best in comparison to newer mobs. Why does so much dev time seem to go into this endless loop instead of actually revitalizing old skilling content that lays dead all around us? Is this just how it must be, or is there a better way?

Last, what is best to be eaten on a baked potato?

Here's to many more happy years in Gielinor!


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