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Question from Trekkie

ahh yes, the Falador Massacre. I remember that day very well.

It seems shane, Jagex is trying to spin this into a positive light.

It should be a solemn reminder of what terrible deeds can do given the chance.

If we were to remember the falador massacre, how would you go about it, without making it sound like a holiday for everybody to go murder each other?

Question from Tyler

Hi all!

So there's this great new game out called Overwatch, which I know Shane et al. have mentioned before on the show, but I just wanted to know from each of you....

if you've played the game, who's your favorite hero to play as? and if you were stuck playing only one hero or only one class of heroes, which would it be?

if you haven't played the game... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? and based on anything you know of the game (or based on this poster for the game, who do you immediately like the most in terms of design, etc.?

Keep up the good work!

Question from wiley

Are there any bosses or minibosses yo44u legitimately enjoy fighting? I personally love the chaos elemental because having an inventory full of cabbages is actually useful for dealing with one of its boss mechanics. Wiley

Question from Whiteey

Hey guys, I feel like prestige mode isn't needed with the virtual levelling system. This system provides enough motivation for most people to carry on past 99. There is also 120 capes in game to show this off. So my question is, can you sell prestige mode to me in a few sentences ? On a lighter note after you mentioned Pokemon last week it made me think what's your favourite Pokemon? Mine is blaziken. Thanks whiteey

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