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Question from Wiley

It's Wiley again, how did you settle upon your preferred combat style, I use defenders for a sustain focused build because cabbages don't heal me enough in combat :(

Question from Trekkie

Hii host,

You now part of Jagex's content crew. You have been given the honor of creating up to 3 npcs of your choice.

But, besides being a parody, they must be the complete opposite of your character.

Ie Indiana jones becomes Indiana bones who besides being an archeologist gather ancient bones to make his stew.

Or Han solo, becomes Hans soko a law enforcement officer of the law and not a bounty hunter.

Have fun.

P.S, Happy memorial day for the U.S listeners.

Question from Colton

Hello, hosties! Glad to see Reid is still alive... ;)

First, who or what do you believe is the mysterious figure we revealed to be in cahoots with Sliske, acting as the behind-the-scenes man? My vote rhymes with... Waros....

Secondly, do you think Sliske will live through this storyline?

Thirdly, another prediction, which signature hero will die next?!

Lastly, which brand of lip moisturizing product do you prefer??



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