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Question from Undoer

Hi guys,

I've got some questions/discussion topics for you this week. But first I just want to correct something you've been discussing, there was that YouTube video about using Treasure Hunter to max an account in the shortest time possible. The video you discussed was just one in the series, he spent $4,400 (20,000 Keys) in that weekend/promotion. In total he actually used 50,000 keys and spent a whopping $11,000 to basically Max his account in 2 days played time.

So my question/discussion topic is following the same "account worth" trend. I have been playing Runescape on and off for over ten years, like most of us these days. After logging into my Adventures Log the other day I found out I have 170 DAYS played (rounded up), that's an insane 4080 hours!! So that got my thinking, how much would that convert to if I was being paid for all that time instead. After researching the median hourly rates for Australia ($30.36), America ($19.75), and Canada ($26.47). I multiplied the hourly rates by my hours played... The results were disturbing to say the least, my account is worth; $123,868.80 Australian, $80,702.40 American, $107,997.60 Canadian "time-wise". Do you find this as disturbing as I do? How much are your accounts worth "time-wise"?

Also a tech question, I'm looking into getting a new mobile phone (on contract). Any suggestions? What do you guys have?

Thanks for the great Podcast,


Question from Mr Bistro

Dear Hosts,

Reading through the new Dev blog for the eastern lands, what is your opinion on the closed economy idea? Personally I have mixed feelings about it but am happy for the most part. It's a new take on the ever growing item count in game and could easily be changed over to the main economy if it doesn't pan out.


Mr. Bistro

Question from Magebit

If you had full creative power how would you implement prestige?

Best Regards

Magebit of Runescape Weekly

Question from Wiley

Wiley here, if you were to live in gilenor and had to choose a town or city to live in which would it be and why? Examples: Falador for its security, Micellania for their community lifestyle, or Port Sarium for their proximity to the cabbage patch.

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