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Question from Wiley

 Hello, Wiley here with a head scratcher this week. I was doing some math on bonds the other day after listening to your discussion about the pay to win YouTube video. All my figures are from grand exchange prices from May 8th, 2016, I rounded where it would simplify numbers without skewing them too much and are in US Dollars (sorry Shane). $25 prepaid bond cards give players four tradeable bonds, each if sold at GE standard price would give the player 10,714,541 coins. This puts a real world cost of one million coins to $0.58. This allows us to actually label in game items with real world values. For example: dual ascension crossbows come to $73.84, dual seismics $220.28, and $1.00 will get you 19,265 cabbages. First off do you think it is reasonable to assign these actual values to in game items as a way of judging your characters monetary worth or do you think that examining items in this way is something that should never be done in the game? Working off that, if a person is working a full time job at $10.00 an hour (the normal starting wage here, I am unsure if it is comparable where you guys live), gets paid a 1.5 ratio for overtime, and pays a traditional 33% tax rate the would bring home $10.05 an hour or, if turned into wealth in the manner above, 17,231,137 coins. Do you think that there should be a way within the game of making money at a comparable speed to this, or is it best that buying bonds directly producing more wealth is the way to go as it produces more revenue for Jagex as a company? Thank you for the show and don't forget to feed the ancient cabbage from Meg's cases to your baby troll to always have a special little cabbage running around your player owned home.

Question from Colton

Hello, to our lovely hosties! Earlier this week, Magebit of RSWeekly responded to Shane's Prestige Mode Runelabs post by saying that he feels to true fault in Prestige is the lack of actual new content and incentive to prestige a skill. Do you feel his assertion that Prestige needed this to be completed properly from its prototypical form? If so, how would you propose incentivizing players to prestige outside of the highscores table? Also, sleeping with a fan on, yes or no?!



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