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Question from Thieves

Hey guys,

So this month, my favourite skill Thieving will be getting something called the Camouflage outfit, which seems to be a Thieving version of Treasure Hunter outfits such as the Fury Shark, Infinity Ethereal and Magic Golem. Considering you basically *have* to buy keys to complete the outfit, for the first time ever I'm contemplating buying keys with IRL money.

So, my question is, if one of these TH outfits was coming out for your favourite skill(s), would you guys be willing to pay for it?

Cheers fellas,


Discussion Topic from Pyrnassius

Hey Guys.

I have a discussion topic for you this week. While I don't usually promote youtube videos, one came out last week that I found really disturbing. This person has a series where he simply buys TH keys on promotions and uses them to "buy" all his skills. He has almost maxed the account with only 2 days of actual in game time. While I don't really care one way or another about micro-transactions, this video shows the player spending $4,400 dollars on keys in a weekend, simply to buy a maxed account, without any actual game play involved. To me, it really sends the wrong message to players, especially those who may have little self-control and really promotes spending real life cash that some people may not have in order to advance. Most disturbing was the fact that on top of the 130 million odd xp he gained, he also "won" 5 drops of the 200 million gp, thus giving the account over a billion in gold.

Love to hear what you guys think of this, and is it really too much to be promoting by a you tuber with such high visibility among the rs community?

Keep up the great work and thanks again for the podcast!!


Discussion topic from Wiley

Hey guys, Wiley again. Gonna attempt to give you a long discussion again, so please don't hate me for it <4. So, back in November/December you guys discussed the new defenders and your thoughts on them, I'd like to ask a couple of questions about your opinions and offer my own theories on them. To start off, I love defenders and I am a slow paced sustain oriented combat player so I have a bias for defenders as they allow me to last much longer on slayer and low level boss trips without using too much food. I was wondering if your opinions about defenders have changed at all since the original podcast? I can see a niche role they play for people like me or pvp players, the way they have to be played in my eyes is with the focus on barricade instead of rejuvenate. I can see how the entry and maintenance costs for tier 90's is very daunting for most players, but I feel like there might be a unique role they could play somewhere. If your opinions about them hasn't changed since their release what sort of buffs do you think they would need to become relevant; increased accuracy or damage reduction, and increase in effectiveness to 62.5 or 75%, or somehow a massive reduction in price; and do you think a buff that you select would be warranted without being overpowered? Do you think the update to make them augmentable will come through or will it become one of those promised updates that Jagex "forgets" about? Also do you think the flameburst defender from dungeoneering only functioning as an off-handed weapon and not a defender is intentional or a bug? Thank you for the podcast and remember to collect those cabbages as the end is near (5 years away).

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