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Audio Question from Colton

Audio Question from Shwa (Schwab)

Hey guys. It's schwab here long time listener more than was calling. I was wondering. How do you guys feel about blizzard shutting down the private server that was running a panel of virgin olive oil on it just thought that there was some real estate parallels and wondering how you guys had about those are handling it anyway go for it to you later Bye.

Question from The RRMan

Hey I'm to busy this week for audio,  but I can't let the new guy get away with no questions.

So new guy,  what's do you like to do outside of runescape and what's your job,  I need info if  I'm going to create a custom drinking game.

Adding to that what Is your favourite drink?

Cheers  The R R man


Question from SantaEnds

Is there any value to training woodcutting, fishing etc. other than to MAX your character levels and hit quest requirements? We are all used to it, having played scape for many years. But to a new player, it just seems imbalanced.

Notwithstanding the upcoming mining and smithing rework, which was revealed last year at RuneFest. Will it be a game changer?

Question from Papst

Were Seren & Zaros immune to the edicts because they’re the same tier as Guthix?

Question from Wiley

Hey guy, Wiley here. I've been listening carefully to the god theories that you have developed over the last couple of weeks and would like to throw my predictions out here. First off though, the edicts of Guthix only applied to lower tier gods. Guthix would have fought Seren to make her leave but the edicts could not force her to, so he asked her and she complied with understanding. Zaros technically would have been immune to the edicts. Sliske's Endgame quest line will result end with some unimportant outcome, either the player killing sliske (probably becoming a god somehow) after collecting some number of the remaining elder artifacts (since we already have the measure) or one of the other gods killing him in an attempt to gain more power. This would be in a giant battle of the gods that would wake one, if not multiple of the elder gods setting up for next year's (possibly multiple years) elder god quest line. This quest line would be the player having to get the gods (including lesser gods) to submit to using their anima to help zaros assend to elder god status, this wouldn't remove their godhood but only reduce their power. Zaros would end up fighting the awoken elder god, presumably the fire elder god, with the assistance of the player and the other gods. Zaros loses the fight but before he is struck down Jagex reveals their biggest swerve yet, he is saved by Gilenor's savior, Brassica. When the elder god burns Brassica with their fire he only grows stronger, assending to elder god status himself. After which he defeats the original elder god and, speaking to the gods and the player, mentions the cabbages destroyed in the Edgeville monastery. He then, removes the players godhood status if we achieved that after the Sliske encounter, and implement the Edicts of Brassica. Banishing even the tier two gods. I know this is a bit long for a question for the show but I figured it'd be nice to throw this to someone. Thanks for the show.

Question from Denriza

What do you guys think about hardcore ironman/ironman? Would you try it? Also, would you consider posting your podcast to stitcher so non iPhone phones can download your show easier?

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