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Question from Duke Juker

Dear Hosts,

I can ask about anything I want!? :twisted: Just kidding. Tempting, though.

My first question has to do with Invention. Two parts. What do you think of the skill as a major item and money sink? Do you think this will have a negative or positive impact on the economy (short and long term)?

My second question. If you could voice any NPC in the game, even ones that already have voice overs, which one would you pick?

Last question. If you could be one of the 8 elf clan leaders, which would you want to be?

Duke Juker

Question from Undoer

Dear Hosts,

I have two questions for you, one Runescape related and one life related.

First question; I tend to play the game on and off a lot. I recently came back to the game after Christmas. I was wondering what were your favourite updates of 2015 that I should be checking out? And any major things I should be aware of that I may have missed?

Second question; Being an Australian living in Queenlands, I've never had the opportunity to go in snow. I'm going on a holiday later this year, to the snow! What are your favourite things about snow? And what don't you like so much about snow?


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