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Question from Ara

I have just recently returned to RuneScape after a lengthy hiatus due to real life events such as getting married and transferring to a 4 year college. When I returned I had logged in 421 days ago, or October 2014. I have been trying to catch up by listening to RSBANDB Update but it is a lengthy process. I am hoping you can give me some info on key updates that I missed and should immediately research to get back into the flow of things. Keep up the great show!


Question from Thomas

Do you think they should mix the concept of veteran capes and skill capes? So that if you've had your 99 for 10 years, you get a special cape, ex. a 10 year runecrafting cape would be more impressive than a current level 120 cape.

Question from Trekkie

You have been recruited to Jagex's financial team. If you were to have more people buy Premier gold, what would you include in the package to attract more players to buy?

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