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Audio Question from Pyrnassius

Question from Cireon

Hey guys,

With Invention coming up and the recent BTS explaining a few more details about the basic mechanics of Invention, we are already seeing a significant impact on the Grand Exchange prices. I am not one to act prematurely on BTS material and speculation, but I was wondering what you would suggest doing with my slayer loot? I explained on earlier podcasts that I see Invention as something I would do along my regular slayer training, but do you think it would be helpful to save up armour and weapon drops to give myself a bit of a headstart? Maybe I should see if the prices go up and ride that wave? What do you think would be the best way to prepare for Invention coming out?


~ That Guy

Question from Marking22

What has kept you playing RuneScape all these years? What is your favorite update in RuneScape?

Question from Tidus

Hey guys!

Question 1: Are you hyped for Invention (hopefully yes, because my other questions are invention-related as well...!)

Question 2: Which aspect(s) of Invention are you most hyped about? (Augmentable items, Discovery, Tech Trees)

Question 3: Which tech tree sounds the most promising to you? (Each tree is "powered" by a different resource: Human tech tree = divination, Cave goblin tech tree = electricity, Dwarf tech tree = coal)

Of course, everything Discovery and Tech Tree related is kind of speculation at the moment, but that's the fun in it =)

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