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Audio Question from The RRMan

Question from Tidus

Not sure if my questions have been asked before in the podcast (probably), so feel free to ignore any of the questions you might find irrelevant.

- What do you think are the most important quests for an ironman account (based on xp/item/daily rewards maybe?)

- Same but for achievement diaries (which task sets do you think are the most important ones)

- When they release the NXT client, do you think the minimum system requirements will increase considerably, or is it likely to stay the same? (I'm using an Asus T100 windows tablet to play RS sometimes, and I don't know if it will still work :P because it only has 2GB of RAM)

(I will add more questions if I think of more)

Question from Ataronchronon

In relation to Jade Gizmo's post about old accounts having their names deleted and so kinda removing memories of the game's early days, do you feel any melancholy when looking back at how the game was when you first started playing, the friends you made and the things you did, and then look at the game now and realize how different it is and seeing how many of your old friends have left the game? Would you have wanted it to stay the same, or are you happy with the way it has become?

I can only think of the user Buzzpatch, who is the ONLY player left in rs classic who has never quit and who has never botted. All his friends are long gone, either quit or moved on to newer versions of the game. Yet he chooses to stay in the game he loves to play. I think that's quite admirable.

Question from Colton

Hello, dear hoasties. I hope you are all well. Questions for this week are as follows:

1. What is the best kind of potato?

2. What is your optimal water temperature for swimming?

3. How long would you say the actual leaf-color-changing phase of autumn lasts in your respective locations? My fiancé maintains that it's longer in Virginia than in Indiana, but I have a hard time believing her...

4. Hypothetically, say this is coming from a person who has been sinking further and further into the quicksand that is Apple's ecosystem (starting all the way back with the first gen iPod Shuffle), what steps would one theoretically take from this position to break free and eventually escape the grip of Apple? (Note: this may or may not be hypothetical)



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