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Question from Vexaton

Hi! My name is Vexaton, and I'm a new listener, listening through at work. I've played since 2007, but I quit playing Runescape after EOC was released. With the release of darkscape,  however, I suddenly got pulled back into the game. Forced legacy mode is something I've wanted for a long time, so it's great to see it return in this game mode.

My question for you guys is as follows: Do you think that players returning to the game via DarkScape might get used to the new features, and get tempted to play rs3 as well? I sure am thinking about it myself, so I'm thinking this could bring more players back into the main game.

Thanks for the podcast! Greetings from Norway.

Question from Thieves

Alright fellas:

1. With Darkscape getting different updates to RS3 -- What kind of stuff would you like to see added to it in the future? (Aside from removing those freaking crazy scorpions in Ardy Zoo)

2. Are there any tips you guys have garnered from your experience on Darkscape?

3. Just in regard to last weeks Quest -- Are we absolutely sure it's Safalan's Mother in that hole? Could it be anyone else?

Cheers guys -- Enjoy your Double XP weekend!, 571-57-BandB (+1 571 572 2632), or

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