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Question from Thieves

Hey guys, simple question this week:

1. How do you feel about your favourite God after speaking to Seren post-Quest?

As for the Thieving advice for Earth, try the new Crystal Mask spell on the Paladins in Lanthas' Castle -- Room 8 Plunder-esque XP for levels 80-90 :)

Question from Col ton

Hosts. You are all beautiful, independent, and strong. Hope your week has treated you well. Here are your questions:

1. What kind of soup do you prefer? Or are you not a soup person?

2. Do you guys honestly ever foresee a resurgence of young people seeking out MMO's like happened ~10 years ago? Or have small, surface-level games on smart devices destroyed the minds of our upcoming youngsters?

3. I made Eluned sacrifice herself. AM I REDEEMABLE?? Or am I worse than dirt?

4. Do you think Runescape will ever go back to voice-acting content? It seemed like a bit of a phase and now it seems the last voiced content we had was Fate of the Gods, which released over a year ago.

Thank you guys for answering!

Colton, 571-57-BandB (+1 571 572 2632), or

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