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Audio Question from The RRMan

Question from Draziw

Hi hosts! If Jagex were to make an announcement that they were going to release quest content weekly by breaking up large content similar to the most recent quests (which have been large, sweeping content, usually associated with the 6th age story) how do you feel the game community would react? The 6th age storyline is fairly short within the game time but the real world time between quests is months or years. If they took a grandmaster quest and split it into 8 intermediate quests with high requirements, wouldn't that be better for gameplay? Also, is there any negative consequence to making content additions within the game associated with a new quest? Much of the content recently released has been "ninja fixes" but were released as main content. What if the slayer belt had accompanied a smoking kills 2? Even if the quest were only 3 minutes of content, all new content in the game could be introduced with a short tutorial which would serve as the quest. A lot of content was released this way in the past, but jagex has developed a mentality where quests must be huge and I feel they have skirted from smaller quests as "content releasers" because of this. Thanks for your thoughts! Sincerely, Draziw

Question from Sunset Fish

Do you find it easier or harder to make and keep friends in Runescape

now, then you did in the past?

In my first 7 years of playing.

I've made about 200 friends.

In the last 2 years I've made..


Maybe it's just me being more anti-social. ?

Maybe I'm less immune to your childish bull X

- JG

Question from Tyler

Hey Hosts!

1) I was wondering what your opinion of the current TH promo was? I thought that it was a step in the right direction of Jagex, since it can be done (albeit very tediously) without much interaction with TH/having to rely on RNG or buying a ton of keys.

2) What's your favorite book/book series (both fiction/nonfiction)?

3) What was your favorite video game growing up (aside from RS, of course)?



Question from Earth

Hi everyone!


I apologize I wasn't able to make it this week - packing is unfortunately time-consuming...

Few questions:

1. Has Shane scared you away yet?

2. Has Colton scared you away yet?

3. What do you think of Taylor Swift?

4. Do you like Star Trek?

5. Who is your favorite musical artist? You can pick up to five if you can't pick just one


1. How's it going? Shane scared you away yet?

2. Why don't you ever call anymore?

3. Who is your favorite musical artist? You can pick up to 5 if you can't pick just one

4. How do you pack for university?

5. Are you excited to go back to university?


I already know everything about you.


Earth, 571-57-BandB (+1 571 572 2632), or

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