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Question from Thieves

Hey fellas,

1. With Seren Prayers & Spells having been finalised, what spell and or prayers would you have liked to have seen be included in the list?

Seren spells and prayers overview

2. I've recently found out that when I wasn't playing in 2014, a pet that aided Thieving came out, which has annoyed me (cheeky monkey pet). What regrets have you got from the long times you've played?



Question from Trekkie

HIiiiii shane, July is now over and school season will start again real soon.

Questions for all the guest, if you were a teacher in RS what would you teach?

Philosophy? apothecary? demonic rituals?

Knowing shane, I'm sure he would bring back coding for elemental workshops., 571-57-BandB (+1 571 572 2632), or

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