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Audio Question from The RRMan

Audio Question from Morumska

Question from Lord Fastwesley

Hellooooo magical hosts!

It is I, Fastwesley!

first off i'd like to say SWEET MAJESTIC FRENCH TOAST AND MUFFIN SANDWICHES IT'S PIKA!!!. welcome back...

second, Happy 10th birthday to the greatest Runescape community ever

now to my questions:

1) What do you think about the new world event Tuska? (I see Shane complaining about how no one ever does anything to it so Tuska keeps winning) but what do you think about the whole overall concept?

2) What bosses do you recommend for a bossing beginner (i do a bunch of Barrows sometimes but it doesn't feel like that really counts anymore)

Queen Black Dragon Extensive Video Guide

Thank you so much guys, and as always:

Godspeed, and another fine day in the scape to you all


Question from trekkie


If there is one advise for Reid as the newest co-host, what would it be?


Question from Col ton

Hosties! A big congratulations on hitting the massive 1-0! What a milestone :) Anyhow, here are your questions for the week:

1. When eating, do you prefer to focus on consuming a single item until it is gone, or do you go by the strategy of grazing from one item to the next until everything is gone?

2. When filling a drink, what ice:water volume ratio do you see as optimal? Or are you some caveman who doesn't believe in ice?

3. Shane, another question about the Great North! Do you guys get tornadoes like we do down here? I don't think I've ever heard of one in Canada.

4. With the reveal that Invention will actually be an "Elite" skill unlocked by levels in certain other pre-existing skills, do you think this move by Jagex is a step in the right direction as they know where most of their player base lies, or are they taking a step back and locking newer players out of too much new content? Discuss!

Thank you all for kicking all the asses for the last 10 years, and here's to 10 more! :)

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