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Listener Questions

Question from Colton

Good evening Shane and welcome back to our honey-voiced Southerner! Here are this weeks questions:


1. What is your absolute favorite breakfast cereal and why??

2. How many pairs of shoes do you actually wear on a regular basis?

3. Are you a wizard and wake up with only one alarm in the morning, or do you need several? If so, how many do you set on average to wake yourself from slumber?

4. Dog or cat?

5. Do you believe the new reward shop for mini games to introduce a universal minigame currency will encourage people to play MORE types of minigames, or will it simply encourage one particular minigame to be crowded and all the rest to sit untouched?

That is all.

Question from Thieves


Is it just me or does it feel like we see more 200m/comp/max announcements in the in-game Newsfeed than regular 99 achievements? Do you think True Skill Mastery (aka 120's) should be something Jagex should consider for the near future? Or do you have another suggestion that would keep the game fresh for this now comp-heavy game?

Keep up the good work fellas.


-- PS, to respond to the Question on 515, I'd plump for a three piece Thieving outfit that allowed Elf-like Thieving to the rest of Gielenor. Seems slightly OP, but anything to get people out of Prifddinas and stealing elsewhere again would be fantastic.

Question from Davo

Shane, Earth, and Kulla,

What is your opinion on games that include multiplayer or time-sensitive achievements? I consider myself to be a completionist and try to 100% my favorite titles. For example, I was able to do this with Assassin's Creed 2, but once Brotherhood and subsequent AC titles were released there were quite a bit of multiplayer achievements, and obscure ones at that. The difficulty isn't the problem. It's the fact that no one played the multiplayer after a month of release. Not to mention so many companies taking their servers offline after a year or two. Forza 4 has a few time-sensitive ones as well such as receiving a car as a gift through events and whatnot. Turn 10 has since discontinued involvement with said events so most people are out of luck unless they have a friend etc.

I feel like I have to purchase a game day one and hop straight into multiplayer in order to snag all of the online achievements before they become unobtainable. I realize I'm in the minority by caring about achievements and 100%'ing games too. Should developers stray away from the online achievements if it's going to be impossible to obtain within a year or so, or should completionists just remain vigilant and snag up time-sensitive achievements as quickly as possible? Thoughts?

Keep up the great work, gentlemen!

Question from Artofdvorak

Hi Shane, other than me, who is your favorite person to talk to?

Hi Reid, other than me, who is your least favorite person to talk to?

Hi all, first computer game ever played on your most recent PC?

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