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Audio Question from Andrew

Question from Thieves


So we've had three, three piece skilling outfits now: The Magic Golem for Mining, the Infinity Ethereal for Runecrafting and the Fury Shark for Fishing. What outfit would you like to see next (*cough* Farming for Shane?) and what benefits would you like it to have?

Keep up the good work.


Question from Col ton

Shane and Reid! Forgive my lack of questions last week, I must have forgotten myself! Regardless, here are some questions for this week:

1. Which do you prefer, Tootsie Pop or Blow Pop?? This is important.

2. At night, how many blankets do you like to sleep with and of what thickness?

3. What is your very favorite candle or air freshener scent?

4. Lastly, if given the choice, which would you be: a unicorn, a dragon, or a griffin? Keep in mind, there is a correct answer.


Colton :D


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