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RuneScape Need to Know: The Wicked Hood

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Question from nack287

Whoa. You guys are still at it... I started listening to your show what? 7-ish years ago? Back when I was still just starting middle school, at least. I don't recall the exact numbers. Either way, I'm surprised. I remember you (Shane) and Brad discussing the TV show Sherlock and somethin about Doctor Who. I still have all those episodes on my MP3 player (too ashamed to admit it's a Zune. Oh wait, I just did), as early as episode 62, I believe... Wow.

Either way, my question is this -- Did Brad ever get around to eating his top hat as he promised he would if the wilderness came back?

Question from trekkie

With player owned ports, After trial and error, (and honestly a random click), the map table hotspot tells you where to go for your adventurers. I've been doing better with that.

So, if you could visit one of those islands in PoP, which one would you go to?

As for me, I'd go to the reef that lies to Mapmakers. There is a great coral reef where I can go and catch fish for my home

Question from Col ton

Good evening Shane and his lovely guests! Here are your questions for the week:

1. IF the new proposed update schedule stands, do you think it will result in a higher, lower, or similar frequency of quests?

2. What tree would you say best embodies you and your personality?? Answer carefully...

3. What is your favorite astronomical feature and why?? It can be a star, a group or stars, a planet, a galaxy, whatever you please!

Thanks for great show, guys!

Question from TickleLaForge1

Howdy friends,

Do you guys think the grey goo scenario is plausible? I do. Scary stuff. If it ever happens, I hope grandma gets eaten first.

My next question is for Shane. Responsible for more suffering: Vlad Putin or Vlad the Impaler?

Thanks so much,

Yours always,


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