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Question from Baboon Conglomerate

Hey comrades,

If you could vote for one NPC from RS history to become President of Gielinor, who would it be? I support Vannaka, combat trainer from Tutorial Island. I hear he is forming an exploratory committee. He promises a strong foreign policy and wants to stop Jagex's sneaky meddling with the GE.

My next question is for Shane. I'll make it brief: will you marry me?

Thanks boys,


Question from Bryan

Shane wrote:

This week RSBANDBUpdate! becomes smarter! Our compute and discussion capacity will have increased. Don't know what I'm talking about? Listen up or ask!

i'm asking.............................

what does it mean?

shane, what were you thinking when you wrote this? (answer this question)


list off all your IM and chat services, don't count the ones you don't use as much for communication (like do you really use twitter for that kind of stuff omg)

me: hangouts, whatsapp, slack, fb messenger, skype, google voice

not as much anymore: wechat, viber

formerly: twitter

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