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RuneScape Need to Know: Vis Wax

Listener Questions

Question from artofdvorak

Shane, what's your favorite Reid quote? Also, if you could put a Reid sound in TF twosdays, which would it be?

Question from Col ton

Why here we are again, my beloved hosties! Your questions for this episode are as follows:

1. If you could play only one song to play at your own funeral, which would it be and why? I had a friend who once told us to play circus music at his... He's at an Ivy League University now.

2. Oh no! The dreaded and oft-overplayed zombie apocalypse is upon us and you both are the only people in your immediate area that remain human! Where do you go, and what 2 things do you bring with you? Also, who do you look for first to see if you can team up (given they are still alive)?

3. Going back to my movie-related question last week, when you're at the cinema, which armrest(s) do you take? Also, where do you sit in the theatre?

4. What sock style do you like best? Length, thickness, color, the whole 9 yards! I can't wait to learn more about the feet of our great and powerful overlords....

Thanks again for your time!

Question from NotYourChild1

Hey Pals,

I was wondering... IF you could go back in time and exchange all the hours of Runescape game-play and all the subsequent Runescape accomplishments you have achieved along the way for one real-world skill, would you? Learning another language for example or perhaps mastering an instrument. Also, Earth and other hosts: do you find Shane's voice to be attractive? I do.


Big fan,


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