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Audio Question from The RRMan

Audio Question from Pyrnassius

Question from Artofdvorak

Yay quest 200!

Um, questions oh yes!

1. Why is Earth's house so much better than yours, Shane?

2. If you had to argue for the opinion that dogs look better with lipstick, in order to save your life, what would be your opening statement?

3. If the 200th quest turns out to be worse than if you were to be forced to finish broken home 50 times, who would you throw out of your window and why?

Question from Miss Alaska

What were your favourite easter eggs in the quest? I know there were plenty to choose from.

Do you think the Zemouregal in our real RuneScape is similar to the one we saw in the alternate RuneScape? (god help us if the real one has a teddy called Billy...)

What's one criticism you can think of for the quest? (this will be handled above)

Favourite line of dialogue from which NPC?

Question from Col ton


It's Colton once again and I have questions for you lovely folks!

1. When you go see a movie, regardless of those surrounding you, what is your default in terms of cinema fare? Raisinettes? Sour Punch Kids? Soda? Slushee? Popcorn? Do tell!

2. If you could name one smell in your bank of memorable scents that bears significance/meaning to you that others might find somewhat odd, what would that be? For example, the smell of pine shavings and the faintest hint of hogs brings me back to fond memories of the county fair.

3. In the movie of your life, who plays you, and who plays your best friend? All I know is mine is Beyonce. Because I'm always Beyonce.

4. If you give up one of the five senses in exchange for doubling your ability in one of the remaining four, which would they be and why?

Thank you both for reading my lovely questions, and have an awesome week :D

Question from MsKonnan10 

Are there really 50 treasure chests to be opened in New Varrock?

Question from CoopYa

Given all previous quests, was it a good 200th quest?

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