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Paul’s RuneScape Need to Know Series: The Adventurer’s Tab

Listener Questions

Question from Col ton

Hello, all-powerful hosties. Colton here, with just a few questions for this week:

1. Did you have any childhood nicknames from friends or family? My mother took to calling me Col-tater... Don't ask why.

2. Do either of you have just a word that gets on your nerves? One that, whenever you hear it, makes you cringe a bit? I do, but I'm not willing to disclose that info...

3. With March Madness blooming here in the states, I'd like to ask Shane if you guys even  have basketball in the great white north. Other than hockey, are there college sports of any sort that just don't get coverage here? Please explain.

4. Last but not least, if you were to choose one song to which you would do your mating dance (as many other animal species do), which song would you choose and why? And yes, Shane. You have to answer this. :D

Question from Imperial

If you could choose one and only one familiar to have in real life, what would it be?

Question from Davo

Have you ever came across someone playing RuneScape in public? For example, like a coffee shop on a laptop or school computer lab? If so, where? Also, did you ever strike up a conversation or comment to them about it?

I noticed someone playing at a cafe a couple of years ago and he seemed to be power woodcutting. On my way out I tapped him on the shoulder and said something to the effect of "try arctic pines with urns" and then walked out. He had this puzzled look on his face probably trying to comprehend what just happened.

Question from trekkie

YO Shane, got something about clue voyages.

Seems apparently, if you get a clue voyage from PoP, you can go to the bar and talk to the adventurer or the Bar keep to steer them toward what island they should go. Still haven't figured out which island they should go.

But, I think as a semi clue, if you look at how long the clue voyage is, then you can have a roughly idea of where they are suppose to go, since higher up islands take much longer to get back.

Going to give this a try.

Peace. May Dwayna bless thee.

O yeah a question umm...... What is your most hated color?

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