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Paul’s Returning to RuneScape series: Lodestones

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Audio Question from The RRMan

Question from Paul

Hi Shane, Reid, and Tanis,

Has there been any formal announcement regarding the GE and price hiding / resetting? It seems nearly every time I check a price on the GE, I can find at least one item that had a price-history reset.

Here are a few examples:

Third Age Dye. It was introduced at 1.2B, and was that price for months. A few days after I sold mine, the price history was reset (which went back to the introduction in November), and the current price was put in.

Summoning Focus.

Shadow Dye.

I always appreciate the ability to view an item's historical price, but with Jagex seemingly resetting the history on various items, this is becoming more difficult.

Good luck on Double XP Weekend,

Paul / Pfkninenines / that guy who Reid (and others) says talks too long

Question from Trekkie

Hi Yall. 2 parter

1. Whatcha gonna do for double xp weekend.

2. If you were on rs and about to go into combat vs a horde of trolls, what is your battle cry?

Peace out homies

Question from Lord Rickles

Ok, guys. Since Runescape isn't that kind of fantasy game, I will re-ask my question last week but in a more broad way: If you could date any NPC or character from ANY game, who would it be and why? Surely some lady somewhere in gaming has been attractive to you in some way!

And Shane, yeah man, Linza is a hottie and good with her hands. She's a master smith so you can find her working metal at her anvil. Not that I stand there and watch her or anything. That would be weird. Only a creep would do that. Heh

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