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Audio Question from Shwa

Question from Col Ton

Hey, hosts. Tried to record an audio question but it won't go through for some reason so here I am in text form! My question for you both is as follows: do you have a certain place in the world you hold close to your heart? Perhaps a place that evokes a strong emotional response, or a place that brings you peace, solace. Often life can become overwhelming, but when I seek out my own place of refuge, everything else seems to fade. Well, thanks so much for the great podcast, and a belated welcome to Reid. May your time as cohost be long and fulfilling!

Question from The RRMan

What are the best ideas you have seen on runelabs so far? Better Yet What are the worst?

Note: We have talked about the top two by support count earlier.

One of the top ideas i've seen is simple, add addy and rune dragons. Its got some good support, 1278 people so far placing it at #4 most supported

Adamant and Runite dragons


Shane Do you like the idea in first place 2276 Supporters so far? Note: Talked about during the show.

Question from Flash

Dear Hosts,

What sports did you play in high school, if any? If none, then what are there any sports that you enjoy playing in recreation? Reason I'm asking is because I recently decided to join wrestling this year. I was pretty nervous and hesitant about it at first but now after being on the team for a month I realized I made a great choice and now I actually find it really fun.

Thank you,


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