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Hey guys, just another couple of questions. Firstly I want to say it was awesome seeing last weeks podcast episode named after my question, it felt really cool knowing I drummed up a fair bit of conversation.

1. With the harmony pillars do you all see yourselves training skills that you wouldn't normally? I have gotten 99 construction just because of them this week and now I'm training firemaking for the first time ever because of them.

2. Do you think there is any first time achievements to get in RS? 200 million xp in each skill has been achieved and a couple weeks ago I saw on reddit that someone got all 26 skills at once also Woox has done heaps of PvM stuff. Besides ironman achievements and new skills coming out. Do you think there is any more achievements that can be fulfilled??

3. Talking of reddit, why don't you like it Shane? It's become a great source of information and the community isn't half bad. What do you guys think of the thread about Jagex and their profits and margins that recently got posted?

4. (Request, not a question) Earth, you get 5 swear words a week, can you please whatever you have remaining right now, I would love to hear the massive long bleep Shane has to put in.

Cheers heaps for taking the time to answer guys

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