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Question from Pyrnassius

Hi guys

There has been some discussion in a group i was in a few days ago about allowing ironman accounts to trade between each other for limited transactions. I am still undecided about it, but it was an interesting idea. How do you feel about it? And do you think it would detract from what ironman is all about? The group felt that accounts could buy certain armours and the like at a preset price, or have a shop opened, where a player could sell the item at a price and another could purchase it at a marked up price, and only for items that could be produced by the players themselves. A buy limit of 10 items per day could be set, but it could allow players to get a few herbs to make a potion they need in a hurry, without allowing them to buy thousands and essentially make the skill buyable. Things like dragon hatchets and pickaxes and godwars armour and the like which are monster drops would not be allowed to be traded. It would probably be hard to implement, but I thought it raised some good arguments.

Thanks for taking the time to answer my question, and hope you all have fun in Geilinor.


Question from RT_Phondents

Hey Shane and Trekkie, so I have a fair few questions, but to keep it brief I won't ask all of them this week

I thought of these after listening to the show last week, so I will rattle them out and post questions I have been meaning to ask in the past at a later time for another episode.

Rs related - Shane last week you mentioned how you would've like fishing in Priffdinis , name the skills that weren't included in elf city and how you would've implemented them in an elf city type of way.

Missing Skills: Firemaking, Fletching, Fishing, Cooking, Thieving, Runecrafting, Hunter

Tech related - last week you also mentioned an app that practically acted as a scanner for an Iphone. I am a manager at a butcher shop that needs to communicate on a daily basis with the other 2 shops within the same company. Stock lists get completed each day and we transfer stock between the shops regularly. Generally we fill out our forms and order what we need for the next few days through a secretary. As both me and the other manager are a bit of the younger generation, is there a way that we can fill out preset stock lists on our iPhones and share them somewhere were they can be edited and viewed online?? (Bit of a tough question to explain but hopefully you get my jist)

Random question - what has been your favourite thing Trekkie has said/done that made cry with laughter. I can't remember exactly the conversion but something along the lines of the 'mini usb' had me rewinding the podcast many times........and we can't forget the superman pose

Cheers guys

Question from MageGuy08

Dear Shane and Trekkie,

Do either of you remember the Lunar spell "stat spy"? With the release of player examine info, this has arguably become one of the most useless spells in the game (although it was rather useless beforehand). With this in mind, do you thing there will be any spells in the future that will be rendered useless by an update?

Also, what do you think about the prices of the new dyes from Treasure Trails? Personally, I think it's absolutely ridiculous that people are paying hundreds of millions of coins just to change the color of an item.



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