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Question from Pyrnassius

Hi Guys. A quick question for you this week, as I know you will be busy with the live show. I recently died with my first hardcore ironman account, which locked the account out forever. I am fine with that, although I do wish the name would be able to be used again, but I do understand that may be difficult. However, what I did not realize, was that it also locked out the email address you used to make the account on. Do you think this is an oversight on Jagex's part, or is it something we will have to contend with? I would hate to have to make a new email account every time I died on an ironman account. While I don't intend to die, mishaps do happen, and I'd like the option to restart without having to create an entirely new email account. Hope the live show goes well, and happy runescaping to all!

Question from Col Ton

When you hosties were young'uns, what were your favorite Halloween costumes? mine would have to have been my go-to costume as a knight... which i used 3 years straight.

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Question from The Pyro

what tv show / anime do you watch if you watch one when you are skilling?

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