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Question from Ataronchronon

As many others, I created an Ironman account on rs3, hoping to be able to compete against other players on 100% equal terms. But anywhere cheating is possible, it's done. First thing I heard of was on the oldschool ironman. Since shops aren't player based but world based, some people bought large amounts of gems on their normal accounts, sold uncut gems to the gem store in Falador, bought them on their ironman account, cut the gems for fast crafting xp and sold the cut gems to the store for profit.

In Rs3 people abuse combat, having either another person or an alternate account deal little less than 50% damage, so the ironman account gets xp and drops for the kills. This would have been prevented by making drops and xp appear only if 100% damage had been dealt, but that's not the case.

It's extremely disappointing to see this happen, I think Jagex actually made a good job on this Ironman project, and people still find a way to corrupt it.

Question from Bryan

list all the math courses you took in school

why would you even do

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