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Audio Question from The RRMan

New games? New TV shows?

Question from Morumska

hi host's morumska here.

alex do you use the classic addy set for the override on your avatar?

have you guys tried ironman mode? the idea of not beening able to log back in when your character dies seems like a silly idea, would it not be better if your character just respawn with zero stats and have a death counter above your head? would that be a harder thing to code than locking the account out.

also shane .if memory serves me right, i remember you disliked the razor gamming laptop's, i was just woundering the reason why.

and with that morumska is outs. ( might do a audio one next time if i am not lazy =0 )

Question from Pyrnassius

G'day Shane, Trekkie and Alex

I know there will be a lot about the Elf City in this weeks show, but I just wanted to ask about the thieving skill. Have you guys tried it out, and have you seen how much money you can make doing it? When I first looked at it, I was sure my calculations were wrong, so I made a loot video on it. Sure enough, it was over 2 million gp an hour. What are your thoughts on this? Do you believe it is too much money coming into the game from what is fairly afkable now, or do you think it is fair, since it gives skillers the chance to make some reasonable gp like their combat counterparts?

Thanks for the great podcast, once again


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