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Audio Question from Tanis

Capes: Are additions to skillcapes a way to signify that a player or the community in general is moving into the endgame phases? Quest cape underrated, what are the most underrated capes in your opinion?

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Question from Ka Pai

Three questions this week:

-Do you think a mac book pro would be appropriate for a Computer Science university course?

It's 4 years long and I don't really want to be buying a new one every year so reliability and durability is important!

-What do you think is going to happen to rune prices? The rune goldberg and removing runes from drop tables may have an impact but runecrafting is significantly easier now!

-Do you think all skills are eventually going to become increasingly easier as some are now? I believe that some skills should stay slow to train like agility. It also devalues capes like the introduction of Runespan made the Runecrafting cape easier to get.

Thanks guys, keep up the great show :)

Kai Pai ooooot! (Canadian pronunciation of out ;) )

Question from Flash

Dear Shane and Hosts,

If you have anything planned out yet, what are you guys doing for bonus xp weekend this time around? I'm not entirely sure yet myself but I'll probably be training either Herblore or Summoning.


Twitter Question from The RRMan

How early should I let my daughter play rs.  She's just turned 2 and she knows how to use an ipod!

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