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Audio Question from Morumska

- Are combat changes bringing people back or is it summer?

- Progression wall (high 80s, 90s) besides skills I don’t have anything left to do.

- Twitch stream: Do you watch any sports streams

- Is 2GB memory enough on a Windows 7 computer.

Question from Flash

Dear Hosts,

With Araxxor just recently being released, I thought now would be a good time to ask this to you guys: What is your favorite boss to fight? I myself can't answer this question seeing as I've never even fought a boss before since I'm not much of a fan of combat.


Question from Pyrnassius

Hello Shane, Trekkie and Colton

With the new SKOTM being farming, I began to look at all training methods for it. What are you feelings on non-traditional farming training, such Wilderness Warbands, which gives exorbitant amounst of xp , as well as things like Livid Farming, which is pretty slow, but still has the ability to give around 30K xp an hour. I will admit, I hate Warbands, but that may be just because I got killed the one time I tried it. As for Livid Farming, it is a real grind, but because it is so mind-numbingly tedious, I don't mind it as an alternative training method. On a side note, I'd like to contribute to Trekkies competition and add another 5 mill GP to the prize pool.

Happy 'scaping to you all


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