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Audio Question from The RRMan

Question from Flash

Dear Hosts,

I was looking up information about the upcoming opening of Prifddinas, and I happened to stumble upon the requirements to access the city. In case you didn't know, you need to complete the entire elf quest line (including the soon to be released finale Plague's End) and level 75 in 8 skills in order to enter the city. I've heard quite a few complaints about the requirements being either too high or too low. My question for you guys is, do you think that these requirements are fair? In my opinion, they should definitely be pretty high considering Prifddinas is supposed to contain content for higher levelled players. I kind of think the skill requirements aren't high enough to be honest, since level 75 is actually quite easy to achieve these days. I think 85+ instead of 75+ would be adequate.


Question from MageGuy08

Dear Shane and Trekkie,

What has kept you playing Runescape all of these years? I know there have been a few players that have largely stopped playing because of work or their dislike for numerous "game-changing" updates such as EOC first being implemented or now Legacy.



Question from Tal Ormanda

Do you think momentum will get buffed or removed since legacy is here.

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