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Dear Hosts,

Has there ever been an update that you thought you would hate, but wound up loving? I remember thinking that Player Owned Ports would be a terrible idea, and now I do it every day!

Also, now that Zaros has returned, are you disappointed that the game is sort of making it obvious that the player should be on his side? I know that some of the things he said in FotG were a little ominous (like that he wants to become an elder god), but there's no reason to be on anyone else's side except maybe Armadyl, assuming you want a benevolent god in charge. Zamorak is evil and we barely know him, Saradomin was good but now he's probably not. Thoughts?

Also, do you think that, at some point the player will have to kill Zaros? Zamorak? Saradomin? Brassica Prime?

- Majyk1

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