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Audio Question from Morumska

Question from Scream Truth

Before I start, I want to credit Lord Rickles, for bringing this up in the forums and for hearing your opinion in one of the questions from last week.

With the new Earn treasure hunter keys option, Jagex has allowed 3rd party to handle runecoins. There is a disclaimer that states "This offerwall is hosted by a third party and not Jagex. Any personal information collected on this offerwall is subject to the privacy policy of the third party collecting it and not Jagex. Jagex does not endorse, control, verify or offer support for any third party sites or technologies linked or suggested on this offerwall and cannot guarantee that they will work or be virus free."

What are your opinions on this statement and Jagex tossing away Security and Safety to their own player base?

Question from The RRMan

Quick one cant seem to recall the answer, say 10 people are fishing or woodcutting one resource, does it get used up faster than if one person is using it alone?

Question from Sir Firenewt

Dear Hosts,

With the power to the players update, do you think they will continue to run quick polls on the main site?

also with the earn keys button in the treasure hunter, i noticed most of them are not free, so you pay for a magazine you can get like 50 or 60 keys, another thing with the quick load outs what do you think of having to pay rune coins or a few bonds for one more load out, personally i don't like the idea because you can only rent them with loyalty points.

oh one more thing for april first jagex on rs3 added sailing to the skill guide and when you were throwing a log into a bonfire it would appear as a party hat, if they made this a skill override in solomins store how much would you pay for it?

thanks for answering my question.

-sir firenewt

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