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Dear Hosts,

Do you think that Jagex should focus more on bringing the game up to date, or should they ignore older parts and focus more on new content? For example, I recently did Blood Runs Deep to get ready for the new quests. In it, the Dagannoth Mother doesn't change colors as she used to, and the player references Guthix as if he were alive and Saradomin as if he weren't kind of evil and weird. Are these things that Jagex should be looking to change, or are they in the past and irrelevant?

Also, I wanted to point something out in Mark Gerhard's post in case you skipped it. He stated that micropayments exist to offer players "fun items, new visuals or greater convenience." I don't think anyone has problems with the first two, but I was very struck by his admittance of the "greater convenience." I think that's what's gotten the whole community upset. All in all, I think the rest of his post was quite well done.

Sorry for the long question,

- Majyk1

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