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Question from Lord Fastwesley

Hey everyone!! i'm back!! after many months of not playing...

anyways...i've only got one question this week:

What are everyone's opinion on the direction that Runescape has gone.

personally i feel its changed for the worse. everything is so glitchy and laggy. i mean, for god sake! IM WALKING THROUGH FREAKING WALLS EVERYWHERE!!! well...corners of buildings and posts to be more specific

so yeah...your guys' opinions...

Thanks Again!

-your friendly neighborhood Fastwesley

I LOVE YOUR FACES!! see you soon!

Question from killzonebm12

Hey guys, its killzonebm12 here

First i'd like to say that it was awesome hearing a fellow St. Louis-an on the show last week.

But to my question: Since we will be getting the double xp weekend at the end of the month, what do you plan on training? What are your goals for that week? And do you need to stock up on any of the items needed to train those skills?

Thanks for answering my question; love the show,

keep on questing,


Question from Scream Truth

What is your opinion on 200 vs 138 combat?

Question from majyk

Hey Guys,

I just broke into the first new area for ports. Should I update my crew or try and upgrade my ship first? Most of the resource missions are 50 terra cotta each, so it goes pretty slowly.

Also, Shane, I don't agree with comparing the EOC haters to the Occupy movement. The Occupy movement was protesting people who had too much power with their futures and were handing it very poorly. The EOC haters are protesting a Jagex, who definitely should know better, since they made the game.

Hope you're enjoying better loot from Treasure Chests,

- Majyk1

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