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200m - What’s the point?

Plates in PoP -

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least favorite skill

how to improve?

Question from Gardengal4

Gardengal4 here. I am all set for getting my thirteen 99's on Saturday. It will be at 5 pm Pacific time. World 91 in the Varrock Museum. After that it's time to get ready for the Superbowl. My question is will you be watching and who will you be rooting for? I'll be rooting for the Bronco's to beat the Seahawks as payback since they beat my 49ers.



Question from Majyk

I have a question about the exponential rate at which levels are earned. Currently I have level 82 agility. Based on experience, I am about 20% of the way to level 99. According to the in-game interface, there are about 152 things that you can do using agility. At level 82, I can do 136 of those, or 89%. There is a mere 16 things that I can't do. Yes, those include agile armor, ancient effigies, and skill mastery (all very important), but does it make sense that there is so little left to earn with so much more of the skill that I need to train? Getting level 99 is a reward in itself, but it just seems like the spacing is poorly done. Obviously this applied to more skills in RS. What do you think?

Thanks for the great show,

- Majyk1

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