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Audio Question from Morumska

Audio Question from Pyrnassius

Question from Ara

Hello hosts! Long time listener and RuneWire stalker. I loved the point you made Shane in the last Update about ports possibly being accessible on your mobile device. Since voyages can be rather lengthy, it would be great to be able to access them wherever you are in life outside the computer. My question is what other aspects of the game would you like to see made available on mobile devices? Do you think RS should charge a small fee to be able to use the application? Thanks for all your hard work!


Question from Scream Truth

Shane, a little over a year ago I had asked what I should do to prepare for programming in college, I am happy to say 1 year into college I have a very strong understanding of HTML, Javascript, PHP and Java.

My question is, what is your favorite language to work with?

Question from The RRMan

Hey Guys Next Week Ill try to Record. I'm moving house this weekend so I think ill be listening to this show while levelling up my strength level moving furniture. :P

Anyway I Have 3 Questions this Week

1. What are these "paths" I have noticed, They must have come out while I was away, are they just trying to entice people to quest more?

2. Have either of you guys ever played Dungeons and Dragons? Might add to this question next week

3. And Shane this is for you, What did the fox say? :P

Well have a good one


The RRman

Question from MageGuy08

Dear hosts,

Do you think that new new "update polls" will actually work? I have never heard of a game driving all updates off of polls, and it honestly seems like it will become chaotic or ineffective. Also, do either of you actually believe that the community can be trusted to decide the game's updates?


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