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Question from Veteran

Hey Hosts,

I wish to get 70+ in all my skills, my only skill that isn't 70+ is Thieving at level 67, yet I always feel demotivated when trying to train it... How do you two train skills that you don't like? Other than bonus xp lamps from the squeal of fortune.*cough* dungeoneering Shane *cough*



Question from Pyrnassius

Hi Shane and Trekkie

With the players not looking at the overall big picture of the game and voting "no" for the prestige poll, do you think Jagex will abandon the idea all together, or will they redesign it and try to educate the masses on the benefits it will have on the longevity of the game. With the vote being no, perhaps it is time to revisit the idea of 120 in all skills? It need not be every skill all at once, but introduced bit by bit over time. First do the combat skills, then slowly do the others. Woodcutting, fletchin and firemaking together, then mining and smithing, etc until all are at a level 120. I personally don't have any desire to train skills over 99, once the max goal has been set, and I know a lot of others feel this way. I am not interested in 200 mill xp for anything, but if the the actual levels were raised, then I would want to continue training. This would also allow Jagex to rework how certain skills can be trained and bring them up to date. Love to hear your thoughts on this.

Once again, thank you for the great weekly podcasts keeping us informed on the happenings in game

All the best


Question from Jasonmrc


Have you ever thought of starting a new character, "FarmerShane", to get 99 Farming again? Why, why not?


No question for you :P

Just kidding.

Do you think 'Alts' / 'Skillers' have lessened in use/popularity over the past few years or have they remained the same? How often do you see a skiller? By Skiller I'm referring to someone who has forsaken combat and only does skills(Skill Pure).

Question from Flash

Dear Hosts,

Do you feel that minigames are dead nowadays? I was thinking about this the other day and I've noticed that for most of the minigames in Runescape are barely played anymore or not played at all. I miss the days of playing minigames such as Soul Wars and Fist of Guthix which are now abandoned completely. What do you think is the reason for this?


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